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The rapid development of science, technology and products has created competition necessity. Importance and value of the information have increased, it has become one of the most important competitive factors creating innovation and diversity. In this regard, science, technology and industry developments and knowledge-based production continue to be the determining force of growth. R&D and innovation have taken its place as the most important policy tools in order to adapt global competition. Today, using the knowledge to develop and produce is of great importance for the future. Increasing the productivity levels of the private sector and increasing the value added production is necessary to reach its competitive position for our country.

There is a need for a structural alternation in order to achieve a high value-added, competitive and technology-intensive structure of our production and exports. This transformation is also important for the industrial sector in terms of its position in the global value chain.

Performing knowledge-based production by R & D activities and branding by commercializing production for competitiveness and continued economic growth are of great importance for private sector. This model needs to be invested especially by private sector to R & D in order to be implemented. Private sector should take a leading part in R & D activities. One of application tools for developing innovation ecosystem is private sector R & D centers in Turkey.

Private Sector R & D Centers; R & D operates under the law no 5746, which is prepared with the understanding that investments in technology and human resources are returned as technological development, high competitive power and high level of prosperity.

Organized in the form of a separate unit within the organization structure of capital companies in Turkey which units are equipped with various incentives and exemptions by the state contribute to increase productivity and profitability through R&D activities at the micro level for the company while they contribute to the required conversion at the macro level. Concordantly, it is important to create an economical environment that focuses on innovation, produce highly qualified employment, produce high value added products and has high productivity and competitive power to increase our country’s international competitiveness with the Law No. 5746. These are also significant for improving the capacity of innovation and to create an industrial infrastructure suitable to the developments in the world. When evaluated in this sense, the products and services developed in the R & D centers provide benefits to the company on the one hand and contribute to the country on the other hand.