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Çolakoğlu Engineering Machinery Industry and trade limited company has been entitled to receive the "R & D Center Title" and "R & D Center Document" at the evaluation meeting organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. With the active support of the Karadeniz Technical University Technology Transfer Office and the result of the meticulous work of the expert team of Çolakoğlu Makina since 27.03.2018 our company Çolakoğlu is acting as AR-GE Center.

Çolakoğlu R & D Center aims to become one of the most powerful, innovative and competitive companies in the region in order to become one of the leading companies in the sector with KTU TTO collaboration and carries out R & D activities on special process equipments for various industrial fields, especially in the mining sector, conducts R & D, design, manufacturing and testing studies with R & D personnel having high criteria and technical equipments.

In the future, the KTU TTO University-Industry Cooperation module will prepare period reports, prepare projects, provide education support, consultancy on trademark and patent issues for firm's "R & D Center" title’s permanence.

Çolakoğlu R & D is determined to develop innovative products with high added value, competitiveness and field, and to make sure of direct contribution to the country's economy by seeing international quality standards in production.