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Çolakoğlu R&D Center visited Eti Bakır Murgul Plant

Çolakoğlu R & D Center staff visited Eti Bakır Murgul plant in district of Murgul, within the province of Artvin on 31.09.2018.

“Eti Bakir Murgul Plant produces 3,500,000 mt all in copper ore and 130,000 mt copper concentrate per year. The copper ore mined from the ore beds in Murgul is transformed into copper concentrates and transported as pulps to the filtering and drying facilities in Hopa via two pipelines. In Hopa, the concentrates are filtered and dried and then taken to material stock area. They are then shipped from the port in Hopa.”

The aim of the visitation is to create new projects that will directly contribute to the national economy by seeing the basic problems of mining operations as the Çolakoğlu R & D Center. In this sense, Çolakoğlu R & D will visit the mining companies periodically.