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KOSGEB: A Leader in the Mining Industry

Çolakoğlu R & D manufacturing machinery and equipment for the mining sector and exporting 80% of its production established the first R & D Center in Eastern Black Sea Region.

“We export 80% of our production”

Çolakoğlu Makina carries out all mechanical design, material supply, manufacturing and testing works for special process equipments, with its engineering and manufacturing experience, which can be used in mining industry and many other industrial fields.

“We got KOBIGEL Project Subsidy for 2 years in a row from KOSGEB. In this way, we increased our production capacity and rate”

In order to increase exports and accelerate production in 2016, we presented our KOSGEB project within the scope of KOBİGEL - SME Development Support Program and our project was approved. Thanks to the project, we had new machinery purchases. We work with design and software, so we have provided our software with support of the project. We established our sewing center.

We have prepared another project for the 2017 KOBIGEL call. In this project, we received training support as well as Machine Equipment Support. With this project, we carried out our works together with KOSGEB to increase production quality and capacity and meet customer expectations. With KOSGEB's General Support Program, we carry out our tests, analyzes and calibrations. We benefited from Certification Support. Again, we provide personnel usuance through Qualified Staff Employment Support. With the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we achieved a first in the Eastern Black Sea Region as we established our R & D center. Currently, 21 engineers are working in this R & D center. So we have 125 employees.