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Research&Development Center is a department which is organised as a different unit in the business organisation structure in a company, located in the same building or the same site with the company and employes minimum 15 full time equivalent R&D personel who has enough ability and experience in their fields, working on activities of R&D country-wide.

Çolakoğlu Makina became entitled to take R&D Centre title and R&D Certificate with the active support of Karadeniz Technical University Technology Transfer Office, in the final decision meeting held on 27.03.2018 in the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Çolakoğlu Makina achieved a new and first successful in the region, acting with the purpose and understanding that continuous improvement, catching international quality standards in production, production development on innovative products in the field, exporting the products, direct contribution to the country's economy, being one of the leading companies in the industry with sustainable quality understanding.

Çolakoğlu Research&Development Centre has methodically been supported by The Technical Transfer Office of The Technical University of Blacksea (KTÜ-TTO)throughout the whole process of selection and decision of R&D Centre personnel, application process procedures, evaluation of committees and experts, since the date of the first contact, September 2017. The Technical Transfer Office of The Technical University of Blacksea (KTÜ-TTO) has matched Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mehmet İTİK, academician of our university, as a consultant with the company in the process of R&D Center installation. The process completely proceeded with Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mehmet İTİK and finalized. Collaborations will continue throughout the project process with The Technical University of Blacksea (KTÜ)and The Technical Transfer Office (TTO) or the other university academicians in the future process and projects.