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Vehicle Washing Station is a fully automatic system that cleans heavy type vehicles used in mine and construction site areas with pressurized water provided by spraying system, especially before entering the main roads or sites. Vehicle Washing Station is a project developed within the scope of Çolakoğlu R & D Center.

In the mine fields, in muddy fields or in worksite, this is the case that the vehicles are extremely muddy. This cleaning station has a big advantage due to that subject is a problem for operators and disadvantage for equipments lifetime.The vehicle passing through the washing passage at the station moves slowly and the vehicle is purged from the mud through the pressure water zone. Because of Car Wash Station is fully automated, the mud which is cleaned from vehicles, sum up to the mud pool by the special strippers on the conveyor mechanism.The mud conveyor system which is cleaned from the vehicles is stripped with special scrapers in the conveyor mechanism from the base of the equipment and collected in the sludge accumulation pool. Water is pumped from the water pool to the system by means of water pumps. The water reaches the water spray nozzles located on the side and bottom by means of the water channels. The water which is used to clean the car, feeds back to the water pool by means of special sloped concrete structure and channels. If the system is not in use, the mud in the muddy water that accumulates in the equipment, will collapse. When the system is switched on, this mud is stripped and cleaned first. Side barriers in the system prevent water from over-shaking. When the vehicles arrive to the system, the system step in with the asistance of sensors. The system will stop automatically when the system is running for a certain period of time and the vehicle leaves the system. This time can be adjusted from one minute to the washing time of the users. The system is suitable for washing large vehicles without special installation, design or heavy type steel chassis. Maintenance and repair of the system is easy.

Thanks to the professional design of the Vehicle Washing Station, it avoids any waste of time, saves energy and water, provides operators with ease of car washing and offers superior usage conditions.

Vehicle Washing Station is supported by Çolakoğlu Engineering and Machine in all technical issues.

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