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Ürün Kataloğu

Many applications such as carrying, transferring and transporting of materials create fine dust particles in the air during the production process. This dust clouds may be disturbing and dangerous to humans as well as harming the surrounding facilities and equipment. Therefore it is necessary to dispose, remove or suppress this dust clouds which are occured in the region. The Dry Fog Dust Suppression Systemis based on the principle that formation of artificial fog by using compressed air and water through ultrasonic nozzles, adhesion of the dust which is suspended in the air to the water droplets in the artificial fog and precipitation of these dusts which was caught by water droplets become heavier. This Project is developed by Çolakoğlu R & D Center.

During the production; the processes such as

  • Drilling
  • Exploding
  • Excavation
  • Loading
  • Transport
  • Discharging
  • Crushing
  • Grinding generate the dust.

The effects of the dust on humans;

The dust particles that are larger than 10μ are not easily deposited in the mine air and The dust particles that are smaller than 10μ may be suspended for long periods in the air and can be taken by workers by inhalation.

When the dust particles in the size of 5-10 μ entered in the respiratory tract, they are caught by upward moving hairs in the trachea, bronchi and bronchioles.

The dust particles smaller than 0.5μ travel up to the alveoli, but they can not find a chance to store on the alveolar surfaces and are expelled through out by the breathing.

The dust particles between 0.5 μ and 5μ can not be held by hairs and reach alveoli. This group dust is the most dangerous group because there are storage risks in alveoli. These dusts precipitate in the lungs and cause irritation of lung tissue over time.

Working Principles of the System;

In the Dry Fog Dust Suppression System the dust particles between 1 μ and 10 μ which is suspended in the air are surrounded with artificial fog formed by ultrasonic nozzles. The water droplets which is the same of size as the dust particles adhere to these dust particles and the dust particles precipitate became heavier. Thanks to the ultrasonic nozzles used in the Dry Fog system, it is ensured that the water droplets and the dust particles are adhered to the best. The water saving is achieved by staying at certain levels of water consumption, the use of less water prevents the formation of dense sludge in the region and an effective dust suppression is realized by forming artificial fog.

Automation and Software;

TheDry Fog Dust Suppression System automation panels are designed according to IEC standards and the choice of materials is made to be superior to standard products in terms of quality. The automation control module consists of the HMI Panel, PLC, signal indicators and related components. The HMI Panel provides the user with full system control, as well as displaying system pressure values and system faults. In addition, the fogging zones are selected through the HMI Panel and the modules in the required regions are operated independently of each other. Nozzles, water filters and air filters are cleaned by users or automatically in defined time intervals. The system works in two modes as automatic and manual mode.

In automatic mode, it provided that the nozzles activate and deactivate in the fogging zones by sensors. In the manual mode, until the system is activated and closed again via the HMI Panel, the system stays on and the dust clouds were suppressed by the artificial fog.

The Dry Fog System is supported by Çolakoğlu Makina in all technical issues.

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