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MINING DOOR automatic door systems which is located in galleries’ specific locations in underground mining facilities, are developed to control velocity , direction and flow rate of air. Also its a system which provides vehicle and person transitions in a specific plan. MINING DOOR automatic door system is a project which developed in Çolakoğlu Research and Development Centre.

In underground mining facilities, air conditioning systems and controlling air flow in gallery structuring is an important point. Circumstance to be in accordance with the criteria of the underground working conditions, balancing inside climate of mine, constitute safety working areas through the galleries and true planned air control are provide by MINING DOOR automatic door systems. To decrease risks to minimum level, galleries split up with Mining Door automatic door systems as independent of each other. Thanks to MINING DOOR automatic door systems, air movements, pressure differences, toxic gasses which can came off from explosions, polluted air and noise in indepented galleries can be controlled. Also MINING DOOR automatic door systems an advantage against fire hazards and developed durable against fire.

MINING DOOR automatic door systems;

  • Can be applied in sloped or not all kind of galleries.
  • Designed as a hydrolic and pneumatic system.
  • Durable to high pressure.
  • Provides less than 1% of air loss.
  • Can be designed for client special requirements.

MINING DOOR automatic door systems supported by Çolakoğlu Makina for all kind of technical issue.