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With the increase in world population and the development of industrial industry, environmental waste is growing. Because of that,nature is getting polluted every passing day. Our environmentally friendly company is also responsive and produces new solutions for mobile toilet systems with its delicate and selfless work.

Mobile WC has many advantages because it performs the conversion of organic wastes in accordance with the renewable system. The design of the Mobile WC in accordance with a modular structure is another advantage. It is a special product line developed by engineering and technical team for public use areas such as construction sites, organizations and social facilities. The biological liquid used in the Mobile WC is easily fragmented and the mixture of nature can be achieved in a harmless way.

Features that distinguish Mobile WCfrom others; approximately 750 liters of waste storage unit. In this way you can use our Mobile WCmodel for a long time without the problem of expense. This gives a great advantage for mines, construction sites. Organic Waste Shredder is completely nature friendly. The irritating scents are instantly destroyed by the odor Neutralizer in the formula of the product. This is accomplished by feeding the microorganisms within the odor neutralizer by the odor source Because the biological liquid in the mobile WC is shredded by natural methods, waste is becoming a kind of fertilizer and is becoming renewable. Modern exterior, environmentally friendly, no side effects to human health. No maintenance required for many years. Ideal for coastal resorts, beaches, beach clubs, airport, hospitals, factories, underground and ground mining sites, shopping malls, concert venues, promenade and ruins, camping, demonstration and city center areas. Thanks to a time tuned battery and semi-automatic toilet seat, you can save your water needs in an efficient way. Our engineers professionally design that with ergonomic and innovative appearance. It is painted with special protective additive paint against corrosion. hand soap used in mobile WC liquid and toilet paper was selected in accordance with waste system.

Mobile WC is supported by Çolakoğlu Makina in all kinds of technical matters.

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