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Changing Basket Systemis a method used by workers and technical team to store their general working clothes and equipments such as helmet, safety glasses or boot in the mining and industrial sector. The system has various advantages and is an innovative design. Chsanging Basket System provides professional solutions for mining and industrial changing rooms. The mechanism has qualities of adaptable for any changing rooms or designing in the direction of critaria customer requested. The system has several advantages such as hygienic, safe, trustworthy, practicleand functional. Changing Basket System is designed, manufactured an installed by Çolakoğlu Makina.

In the industrial fields, storage working clothes and HSE equipments were provided by lockers in the changing rooms. Lockers take up a lot of space in the rooms. When viewed from this aspect, lockes become narrower moving space in the room and obstruct enough light-well and comfortably spacious. By this way, the room is stuffy and unpleasant smell. Temperature, wetness, dust, stuffy, contaminant other factors and all these cases are not appropriate for healthy and comfort. Changing Basket System provides larger moving space, light-well and better ventilation by its qualifications. Changing Basket Sytem can be adapted any artchitectural structure and offer extra usage possibilities.

Changing Basket System is designed in accordance with required architectural standards, manufactured in the direction of absolute customer satisfaction an installed conscientiously. Special designs are affered to meet the essential needs.

Any technical support is provided by Çolakoğlu Makina.