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Ürün Kataloğu

Sealing dooris designed as the entrance door of the dining room adits in order to carry out the vital activities of the employees such as eating and drinking in underground mining enterprises or as the entrance door of the shelter rooms where the employees can take shelter in exceptional situations in the mine.

The doors of the underground dining room,shelter room etc should have some fundamental characteristics. These features involve high strength, the use of practical oppening of the door,not wasting time, as well as the width and sealing structure that allow the passage of a specified number of people within a certain time interval

The important characteristic of our sealing door is the sealing of the door around the frame and the door around the sight glass is provided by sealing elements. Thus the door protects the respective area against liquids and gass leakage.

Technical feautires of the sealing door;

  • Door is oppening outward
  • Practical oppening and closing with one arm
  • Lever lock mechanism that increases the pressure on the frame as it closes and continues to turn when turning the handle
  • Frame made from a powerful immigrant-resistant profile
  • The Door is reinforced with steel profiles inside
  • The Door exterior face and inner face body sawing 5mm thickness steel
  • Comfortable operation with 3 spindle hinges with axial bearing welded to frame
  • The Door is large with 2 meters height and 1 meter width passageway
  • Wide polycarbonate observation glass with 10mm thickness 352mm diameter
  • The Door has inside and outside tutorial tags
  • The Door can be easily spotted remotely by sitimulus reflector tags

Sealing door is designed, manufactured, assembled and supported all of technical matters by ÇOLAKOĞLU MAKİNA.

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