Project Description

Mining Door-Automatic Door Systems

Mining Doors are that have been developed to control the flow direction, speed and air flow amount of the air placed in certain parts of the galleries in underground mining operations, and also provides vehicle and personal passages within a certain plan.

With Mining Doors, it is ensured that the working conditions are in suitable criteris, the climate inside the mine is balanced, safe working areas are created along the galleries and a properly planned air control is provided.

Mining Door is supported by Çolakoğlu Makina in all technical matters.

Mining Door-Automatic Door Systems

Technicial Specifications

  • Special designs,
  • Efficient air flow control within the heading,
  • Door wings that can be opened with a single piston at the same time,
  • High pressure resistance (Pressure tests are carried out in accordance with the standards.),
  • Wing angles can be opened up to 90 degrees,
  • Applied to inclined and non-inclined headings,
  • Fully automatic automation system,
  • Vehicle detection and security systems,
  • Automatic staff gateway,
  • Door controls can be provided above ground,
  • Easy installation and setup