Project Description

Secure-X / Safe Gate Equipments

Secure-X is a safety equipment that can be used at the end of stairs, in sections where there is a danger of falling and to prevent risks that may occur due to working at high places. The safety of employees in workplaces is primarily ensured by collective protection measures such as safe fences, fall prevention platfroms, barriers, covers, work scaffolds, safety nets or airbags. With the Secure-X that is developed for construction site type security doors and security guards, it is aimed to provide a safe working environment by keeping human health and safety in the forefront.

Secure-X is supported by Colakoglu Makina on all technical issues.

Secure-X / Safe Gate Equipments

Technicial Specifications

  • Compact Design
  • Simple Assembly / Disassembly
  • Maintenance Free Design
  • Suitable For Every Working Environment
  • Assembly And Hardware Kit For Quick Setup
  • Practical Maintenance