Project Description

Bottle Roller

Bottle Roller is an equipment that allows the implementation of the leaching test method, which has become the standard in industry, where metals such as gold, silver and copper are recovered from precious ore raw materials in mining enterprises or analysis laboratories. In Bottle Roller test equipment, the gas or atmospheric air that needs to be sent into the mixture is transferred into each bottle by adjusting the amount while the test process continues, by means of specially designed adapter caps and flow meters. With Bottle Roller equipment, metal recovery conditions and yield values are determined from raw materials.

Bottle Roller is supported by Colakoglu Makina on all technical issues.

Bottle Roller

Technicial Specifications

  • Gas Flow with Adapter Cap to Bottles
  • Flowmeters to Measure and Adjust The Gas Amount
  • HMI Panel and Fully Automatic System
  • Adjustable Speed and Direction
  • Full Security System
  • Quick Connection Equipment
  • Rubber Coated Return Roller
  • Model with 6 and 16 bottle capacity


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