Project Description

Paste Fill System

Paste Fill is a homogeneous filling material, which is a material with a suitable consistency in terms of pumpability, consisting of a mixture of cement binder and water, of process wastes resulting from ore enrichment processes, and used to fill underground cavities.

Paste Fill System is a system that allows sulphur-containing wastes with a solidity of 20-35% to pass through various processes and become a paste filling and store them in underground cavities.

All design, manufacturing, assembly and testing processes of the Paste Fill System are carried out by Çolakoğlu Makina and it is supported in all technical matters.

Paste Fill System

Technicial Specifications

Paste Fill System in general;

  • Thickener,
  • Storage tank,
  • Water tank,
  • Filters,
  • Belt conveyor,
  • Mixer,
  • Cement silos,
  • Pump,

consists of equipment.


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