Project Description


Mobile WC with a modern appearance is a portable toilet system that can be designed as a single or double cabin and provides ease of use in areas such as mining enterprises, construction sites, factories, walking paths, coast and beach.

With the waste storage unit, it allows use in harsh conditions for a long time without any problem of expense. The biological waste degrading liquid specially produced for Mobil WC is completely eco-friendly and easily breaks down organic wastes with natural methods, making them recyclable to nature. Bad odors are also eliminated with odor neutralizers in organic waste.

Mobile WC is supported by Colakoglu Makina on all technical issues.


Technicial Specifications

  • Organic Waste Shredder
  • Semi-Automatic Toilet System
  • Can be designed as a single or double cabin
  • Water Saving System
  • Stainless Equipment
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Air circulation